Plattegrond Downtown Eindhoven

The market wants to

  • be a community of entrepreneurs. Each should be an expert in their field and enthusiastic about their product.
  • be a wellspring of fresh products, where the product is the centre of attention, not the chef.
  • bring back the seasonality of market produce and restore the concept of “to every thing there is a season”.
  • be a large-scale corner store with tastings, i.e. informal fare.
  • offer a timetable that suits the needs and activities of consumers in other words, extended opening hours.
  • work with the human, technical and industrial resources necessary for sensory evaluation, tastings and gastronomical challenges.
  • emphasize both consumer information and consumer training.
  • reflect the gastronomical plurality of the world.
  • be a constant of gastronomical culture through workshops, presentations, food fairs, etc.
  • become part of the cultural offering of Eindhoven, with an area for small conferences, recitals, concerts, etc.